Jack White’s Hypermisophoniac

When I first listened to Jack White’s new album, Boarding House Reach, I was a bit thrown. I really enjoyed the singles that were released beforehand, especially the thick fuzzy solos and great production. I was on the fence about it and left it for a week or so. It wasn’t until @afantano review of the album that I went back to it. I remember the fifth track, Hypermisophoniac, standing out as one of the most annoying tracks on the album. An electronic alarm-like noise modulates in the right ear/speaker, which when I’m driving, is right in front of my face. All I can hear out of the speaker is this wavy electronic noise that, at some points in the song, is all you can hear. But as I listen to the song more, I notice the intricate layering of instrumentals that White has accomplished on this track. Honky Tonk pianos solo before a solid, fuzzy guitar solo. You need to concentrate to hear the inner-moving parts of the song, because if you focus on the wavy alarm noise you’ll steer head first into traffic. It’s annoying, yet the song is proof of White’s mix of madness and genius. I’m glad I gave it a second go.

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