Kink: a Poem

NSFW: Explicit Content

Steven is 23 and works in hospitality. He serves beers and food to strangers five nights a week. He’s hoping to be promoted to manager shortly, the hours aren’t so reliable as a casual. Steven is trying to save money so he can travel overseas. He likes to finger his own asshole while he wanks. He can now fit two fingers in past the first knuckle. But don’t worry, he washes his hands.

Harry is 18. He has just finished high school and has started his first year at university. He is studying engineering and business. He doesn’t get much time to do anything else. He has no social life aside from playing a couple hours of Overwatch online every night. Harry likes to jerk off in the cubicle of the toilets when no one is around. He likes it more when other people are around.

Ed as drawn by Samuel Landy

Ed is 54. He works in construction. Ed’s company was contracted to work on some of the most expensive buildings in the city. He feels pride whenever he looks over the city skyline. He has had to slow down on work because of his bad back and a heart attack scare a few years ago. He likes to watch his wife fuck other men. She gets him to film it. He sets up a tripod and wanks. But he doesn’t get to do it too much because of his wife’s busy schedule.

Mary is 52. She used to be a school teacher but now teaches English to immigrants. She gets satisfaction from helping those who are trying to better themselves. It reminds her of her younger days in the classroom. Mary has been married for thirty years. She likes to fuck other men in front of her husband as he films it. But she doesn’t get to do it too much because of her busy schedule.

Sophie is 28 and works at the checkout at the supermarket. More and more people are being laid off because of self-serve checkouts. She doesn’t care if she gets laid off, she’s over standing at the counter and serving all day. Sophie likes to smack her clit with the flat blade of a bowie knife. She also likes to shove her fist in her mouth and slobber over her hand. Sometimes she blows spit bubbles. She hasn’t been able to fit her whole fist in yet, but she enjoys trying.

Bianca is 22. She is looking for work after finishing her Human Resources degree. She was told by her parents to study HR because she didn’t know what to do at uni. Bianca likes to play with her period blood in the shower. She enjoys the crimson blood mixing with the water. She likes watching it run down her leg and circle the drain. She circles her fingers on her clit to mimic the water.

Not by Samuel Landy

Ethan is 34 and is a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld. He picks up women with that line. He likes women to choke him out when he cums. He has a bucket of water next to him to bring him back once he finishes. He’s only interested in stronger women now because they get the job done quicker.

Holly is 21 and works in porn. She used to like getting fucked in the ass. She can fit two dicks in her ass and one in her pussy, but it starts to hurt after a while. Now she can fit her fist in her asshole. Not many people can do that.

Jayne is 22 and likes to get tied up and suspended. She’s installed hooks on her ceiling. Her arms and legs are tied back, and she gets fucked in the air. She likes to keep her socks on. Jayne is the receptionist for a law firm.

Ryan is 40. He likes to get pegged by his wife. She doesn’t cum, but he does. Ryan is a dentist.

Kyle is 55 and likes to be told he’s a piece of shit while he wanks in front of his husband. Kyle is a school teacher and a bouncer at a nightclub on the weekend.

Nathaniel is 28 and jerks off in front of his webcam on Omegle and ChatRoulette. Nate is a university lecturer.

Jess is 33 and likes to get pissed on. Sometimes she asks to be waterboarded with her partner’s piss. Jess is a local member for her city’s council. If someone found out she’d lose her job.

Jess as drawn by Samuel Landy

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