Lil Pump’s Esskeetit Isn’t That Bad

Look, I don’t want to admit it, but I like this song. I never thought I’d listen to Lil Pump, hell I didn’t think I’d vouch for Lil Yachty. But here I am photoshopping my face onto the seventeen-year-old rapper’s face. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon when Gucci Gang came about, to be honest that song is one of the reasons why I hate what meme culture has done for the music industry. I listened to Pump’s early 2018 single I Shyne, and I thought it was fucking insane and bold. So Esskeetit comes around and I give her a listen. And I think it’s good. Pump isn’t a lyrical genius, the beat is simple but catchy as fuck. It’s fun, nothing more than that. I’m pretty vocal about the current trap trend in hip-hop, and Pump certainly plays a major part in that. The way I see it, Pump is the best of a bad bunch of Soundcloud rappers. But I’ll still give his shit a listen.

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