The Gametes’ Man of Thumbs

It’s no secret that I like The Gametes. The Brisbane four-piece pack more energy into their live set than any other band in this city, as if the Duracell Bunny took Uma Thurman’s line of coke from Pulp Fiction. Taking an obvious influence from their parents’ record stash, The Gametes have successfully blended all the best parts of 80s new-wave and 70s punk with a strong creative narrative, showcasing a love for pulp-science-fiction that carries beyond their singles and into their live show, their press releases and their social media. It’s as if Ed Wood started a band with DEVO and B52s. That’s a deep cut reference kids, look it up.

The band’s latest single adds to The Gametes’ mythos that they have worked towards for the past year through their singles, live performances, online mischief and Gametes Trading Cards. The Man of Thumbs is less than two minutes long, showing that sometimes simplicity can be beneficial. Focusing on a main guitar lick and a few chords, the track is a short teaser for what we can expect from their debut album, The Astronomical Calamities of Comet Jones, that’s set to be released later in the year. Without prior knowledge of The Gametes, the subject of the song would need more context. Thankfully, I understand that the creature, The Man of Thumbs, is a weak, easily intimidated creature with a thumb-based exoskeleton and a weakness against institutionalised discrimination against thumb-people. Without that, The Gametes’ new single would be nothing more than a short, punky tune with some energetic guitar riffs and passionate vocals from lead Gamete, Tom Harden. Which is still fine by me.

The Gametes have showcased a level of creativity that I have not seen from a local band in a long time, incorporating a living narrative that the band stay true to. I already had high expectations for their new album, and this teaser track reinforces my hopes and excitement.

The Gametes residency at The Foundry starts tonight at midnight, with The Man of Thumbs Single Launch.

 The Man of Thumbs Single Launch
 Midnight — Free entry more info

 The Gametes’ Movie premiere
 Midnight — Free entry more info

 Midnight — Free entry more info

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