Not A Review of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

I didn’t want to write about Arctic Monkeys today. But I found that I needed to say something because I’ve gone on record a few times and said that they are no longer my favourite band and I’ll pass on any further material. I tried to think of other things to talk about today, but I kept coming back to this band.

I’ve come to terms that my Arctic Monkeys from 2006 are long gone. I’ve accepted that, and that’s why I listened to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino as soon as it was available. I’m not boycotting this band like I said I would. I was listening to their early material in the lead up for this release, I don’t know why, I already knew this album would be different. But it was like going home, back to a warm blanket. Early Arctic Monkeys is my safety blanket, but I’m also wise enough now to realise that the band have evolved, and I still want to give the band some credit for the work they do. I don’t want to review it today, I just have thoughts. I am sick of publications busting out a quick review like a horny teenager trying to bust a quick nut before going out. People don’t take their time anymore, they do it for the clicks.

I like the instrumentation and tone of the album compared to AM. At least this one is more consistent track to track. It’s weirder, and though I’m not a fan of where Arctic Monkeys have ended up, I’m glad that they didn’t just recreate what was popular. I’ll be surprised if those who praised AM will enjoy this album. I already smell fake praise in the air. I haven’t had time to digest Turner’s lyrics, they are more cryptic than any other album so that will take some time. Already people are putting up full lyrical dissections after claiming they don’t have a lyrics sheet. Fuck me.

I enjoy the jazziness of the album, and the lack of a clear hook or melody in many of the songs. It’s free forming and works with Turner’s stream of conscious lyrics. I don’t have a standout track, and I don’t have a track I hate. They all blur into one, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing yet. One thing this band is good at is keeping their albums tight, and this one is no different. It’s forty minutes, and I’m down with that. It’s the kind of album I’d buy on record and play on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I just want music on. At least that’s how I feel after a couple listens. Maybe once I understand the cryptic lyrics I’ll change my mind.

I’ll write a review in a week or two, once the hype goes down. Maybe an After the Hype. That’s suitable.

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