A Review of A Country Practice’s The Inundation into Our Room.

It’s often hard to find, let alone create, beauty within a tragedy.  Our minds are preoccupied with the devastation that litters our screens until the effect, even the humanity, of the tragedy is gone.  It takes restrain to step back and try to create art in the midst of chaos and devastation.  But local three-piece, A Country Practice, have done just that.  

Brisbane’s very own family band, A Country Practice, have just released their latest single in light of the recent bush fire tragedy.  The Inundation into Our Room reflects on past extreme weather events, such as the floods and storms that hit South East Queensland, and even more recently in Townsville, as well as the media saturation that plagues these catastrophes.  This is juxtaposed beautifully on the singles’ artwork, as someone floats on their couch whilst watching the ravaging bushfires on their TV.  The band sing “all your tin roofs will not survive, the torrential downpour and the telephone poles on fire” and “the inundation to our room, of the coverage that flooded our view,” in a hauntingly beautiful harmony.  The single’s melancholic atmosphere is aided by the quaint circuit bent Casio keyboard and the shrill nylon plucked guitar, adding an almost synthetic tone to the tune.  The Inundation into Our Room is somewhat Arcade Fire-esque in style, like baroque pop played through a Commodore 64 computer.  Though melancholic, there’s a lovable charm to the song as it builds in its instrumentation, plucked nylon strings turn into heavy strums against the droning digitised keyboard.

Even though A Country Practice are reflecting on past floods and devastating storms, it’s still a timely reminder of the far-too-regular weather catastrophes that we see in our country.  The poetic charm of the song lies in its simplicity, allowing for the harrowing melancholic lyrics to truly sink in, creating beauty amongst tragedy.

A Country Practice launch their latest single on January 20 at The Bearded Lady, West End.  For more information, click here

The Inundation into Our Room is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.    

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