Nick Devin

Editor in Chief at Radio Friendly

Jack White’s Hypermisophoniac

When I first listened to Jack White’s new album, Boarding House Reach, I was a bit thrown. I really enjoyed the singles that were released beforehand, especially the thick fuzzy solos and great production. I was on the fence about it and left it for a week or so. It wasn’t until @afantano review of […]


We Needed Queer Eye in 2018

Radio Friendly is disconnected, please stand by. I didn’t think I’d be addicted to Queer Eye, let alone enjoy it. I remember when the original show came on back in 2003 but I don’t think I watched more than a few episodes. I was just a kid. I didn’t understand what it meant to be […]


(Nick Sees a Good Band) Live With Friends (And Has Something to Say About It): A Car Seat Headrest…

But first — a brief message from our sponsor. J.E.L.L.O, extra extra good news, the makers of Jello have discovered a way to deliver rich chocolate pudding far more easy than ever before. With the new chocolate pudding powder, you can make old fashioned pudding: smooth, creamy and chocolatey just like the ones grandmother would make back […]