Gig Review

Belle & Sebastian Solve Our Human Problems @ The Tivoli

7 May, 2018 Photography: Mellumae Photography The dimly lit Tivoli is our haven against the dreary autumn night that Brisbane’s heavens have sprung on us. The forecast says showers, appropriate weather for tonight’s headliners, Scotland’s genre-bending aficionados: Belle & Sebastian. Though Wikipedia labels the band as indie-pop, Belle & Sebastian have proven over their strong […]


WHALEHOUSE’S Sexy Whale Beach Party

But first — a brief message from our sponsor. When you’re looking for a treat, to freshen taste and keep breath sweet. Get double smoothness, flavour too, get the gum that’s double good to chew: Double Mint Gum. Now for our regularly scheduled program featuring Brisbane’s very own WHALEHOUSE. APPLAUSE, MUSIC The security guard mumbles something to […]