(Nick Sees a Good Band) Live With Friends (And Has Something to Say About It): A Car Seat Headrest…

But first — a brief message from our sponsor. J.E.L.L.O, extra extra good news, the makers of Jello have discovered a way to deliver rich chocolate pudding far more easy than ever before. With the new chocolate pudding powder, you can make old fashioned pudding: smooth, creamy and chocolatey just like the ones grandmother would make back […]


AFTER THE HYPE — Flume’s Skin

And now back to our regularly scheduled presentation on Radio Friendly. APPLAUSE, MUSIC Flume: Australia’s golden child whose shit doesn’t stink and has the ability to piss liquid gold. The man can do no wrong. His 2012 self-titled debut was released to positive reviews and skyrocketed his career in Australia, receiving multiple nominations and voted […]


OFF AIR — Laneway 2018

Radio Friendly is disconnected, please stand by. Coming at you live from Laneway, 2018. Confused. I’m at Byron Bay, where is everyone else? Question. Where are the Dune Rats? Confused. No San Cisco? Question. Did I miss the Jungle Giants? How about Peking Duck? Fuck it’s hot out. Confused. Why is this hot water $5? […]