AFTER THE HYPE CLASSICS — Nirvana’s Nevermind

And now back to our regularly scheduled presentation on Radio Friendly.


When I was younger I had a real infatuation with Nirvana. I’d play their music on the guitar, they were the first ‘heavy’ band I actually liked. While everyone was off pretending they liked early Bring Me the Horizon, I was listening to Heart Shaped Box, Lithium and In Bloom. I didn’t get into Nevermind until later, I used to just stick to the Greatest Hits collection. But is grunge still relevant in 2018? Is Nevermind still the classic that everyone has hyped it up to be? Will I get better at this video thing? All the answers are inside this video.

After the Hype is a weekly series where I listen to an album after the hype dies down and give my general thoughts, sometimes a little whinge. It’s ok to disagree.

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