He Danced Ivy Aggressively Tickle My Fancy on Guillotines

I’m at a crossroads with my music. I have had nothing to listen to. I’ve been clutching at straws, throwing the proverbial Maccas pickle at the window to see what sticks; listening to whatever comes my way (J-Pop lately) in hope that I have a new sound to dive into. I’ve needed something new to break through the glittery electronic/indie music usually thrown in my face. I’ve needed something new to disrupt the repetitive mumbled Soundcloud-rap littered across the internet. I’ve needed something new to tickle my fancy. Enter Local Brissie boys, He Danced Ivy. They might not be new to the scene, but consider my fancies tickled. And tickled aggressively, thanks to their latest single Guillotines.

The four-piece, who originally hail from Coffs Harbour, cleverly blur genres on their latest hard hitting single. He Danced Ivy melt post-hardcore, metal and pop-punk into a deliciously dangerous concoction. Guttural guitar chords, reminiscent of Cherubs’ sound, battle each other in the opening riff. They slam into one another like Satan himself playing with Transformers. The instrumentation weaves between glistening, dissonant guitar notes and sluggish guitar chords. Vocalist David Cheney channels post-hardcore pioneer Cedric Bixler throughout Guillotines, moving from a manic verse to a melodic chorus. The chorus thickens as the drums kick and crash, the melody moves into pop-punk territory as Cheney wails ‘guillotines and it’s so appealing,’ distant harmonies adding to the melodic energy. The track is a beautiful mix of At the Drive In and dare I say it, Paramore. It’s something I would have illegally downloaded back on LimeWire in 2007 and chucked on my black iPod Nano. And that’s not a bad thing. Aside from the illegal part, that is.

He Danced Ivy have beautifully welded together traits of post-hardcore and melodic pop-punk into one of the most creative singles I’ve heard come out of Brisbane all year. The shimmering, dissonant guitar notes, paired against the guttural guitar chords and bass notes, and the consistently crashing drums creates a harmonious chaos. A chaos that should not be overlooked.

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