The Iron Eye Knock Me For A Six With Conscience Cleaner

In an age where rock needs to try and to find its feet again, and bands are experimenting with different genres and sounds, Brisbane band The Iron Eye have done what’s worked in the past: made some fucking rock music. The Iron’s Eye’s latest track Conscience Cleaner is released today and not only clears your mind and soul but gives you a big enough whack in the head, it’ll clear your sinuses.

Where their other singles mixed the rock-simplicity that Royal Blood perfected, with the bends and obscurities of desert rock, Conscience Cleaner sees the three-piece elevate their sound, creating a track thick enough to sink your knife and fork into. Crisp snare and hi-hat rhythms break against vocalist Nick Lythall’s distorted vocals. This combo, paired with the meaty, fuzzed bass lines and the mammoth guitar chords creates a mid-90s, industrial-rock vibe. It’s not as dark as Nine Inch Nails per say, more Filter-esque. The Iron Eye’s energy intensifies in the chorus as thick, fuzzy guitar chords give a right hook, the crashing cymbals knocking my brain left, right and centre for a K.O. The latter half of the track sees the crisp drumming take charge, rolling rhythms rattle back and forth against Lythall’s ferocious wail.

The Iron Eye should be commended on the thick, larger than life sound they’ve crammed packed into this three-minute track. I can envisage myself blown away like Mary Poppins if I stood too close to their amps at a live set. Their industrial sound is a clever nod back to the time where rock reigned supreme, and a reminder that not all modern rock tracks need to be littered with foreign genres. The Iron Eye’s Conscious Cleaner is the perfect mix of rock: simple enough to throw your head back and forth, and heavy enough to feature on a Mortal Kombat soundtrack. It’s a track I’d love to see live. If I remind myself to pack the parrot umbrella.

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