Welcome to the new Radio Friendly

One of my first goals of 2019 was to create a new site for Radio Friendly.  And would you look at that, one week into the new year and I’ve done it. I guess I can cross that off the list and post it on social media so I can fill my veins with the self-gratifying drug of other people’s praise.  Yep, that’s good shit.

I didn’t realise the work that went into getting my site up and running.  I had to buy an ABN so I could own the .com.au domain.  Would have been good to know first. Look how good it looks up in your Google Chrome task bar.  www.radiofriendly.com.au.  Fuck yeah.  No more of that medium.com shit.  And to be honest, that was one of the main reasons why I did the blog change.  I had bands and publications share my content on social media, and thought my blog was named Medium.  Honest mistake.  But it pissed me off.  I needed to change.  Now I’m not tied to anything else other than Radio Friendly.  And I like that. 

I also own the name Radio Friendly now.  I think that’s the correct language to use.  Own? Lease? Either way, Radio Friendly is a registered name now in which I pay a yearly fee to have control over.  It’s some big boy shit.  Tough luck to all those other Radio Friendlys out there*.

The blog is hosted on WordPress.  And it looks pretty schmik if you ask me.  Different, at least.  I also wish I was told beforehand how expensive WordPress is.  $10 a month doesn’t sound too bad on paper, but when I get to the checkout and realise it’s a one-off yearly payment of $120, I start to second guess my decisions.  Especially when my wallet has just been penetrated by the Boxing Day sales.  But nonetheless, look how pink she is**. 

I’ve got some more goals to tick off throughout the year. I won’t announce them yet, they need a bit more planning before I utter another word. 

And now that I’ve got an ABN, maybe I can sell some merch.  Radio Friendly tees maybe.

That sounds good.


Nick Devin

Radio Friendly

*There is a band in Brisbane called Radio Friendly.  I know this because I get tagged on Instagram instead of them.

** I was listening to Pretty In Pink by the Psychedelic Furs when I was building the site. Very suiting.

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