A Review of Big League’s See You Fly

A descending melody plays on guitar.  The distortion is fuzzy, it scratches like gravel on flesh with each descending chord change.   A second guitar, this one cleaner than the first, enters with the same chord pattern.  Soon drums and bass join the fray, the simple melody now thicker.  It bops up and down, the descending melody now hypnotising like a trance.  It may be simple, but simple works.  This is Big League’s new single See You Fly.

Indie Rock is in an identity crisis as of late.  Bands are packing their sound to the brim, pushing in every instrument under the sun to create some sort of independent identity, an attempt to find their own unique sound.  Just keep it simple, stupid.  There’s beauty in a band’s effort to create something catchy and memorable, and sound entirely effortless at the same time.  Melbourne band Big League have achieved exactly that on See You Fly.  The melody rarely moves away from it’s hypnotising descending chord pattern, my head bopping along as the cymbals crash on every beat.  The chorus builds in classic rock format, a minimalistic tinny guitar line slides up and down against the fuzzy strum of the second guitar.  Big League’s blend of indie rock has a lo-fi garage aesthetic to it, thanks to the fuzzy guitars and the raspy vocal production.  There’s a vintage appeal to the vocals, as if it’s been ripped from the radio and re-recorded on cassette like an early Guided by Voices track.  These tiny elements work effortlessly throughout the three-and-a-half-minute track, and cleverly showcase Big League’s identity without elaborate indie-rock tropes.

See You Fly is the first new single off the band’s upcoming full length album, A Symbol Like a Cloud, after releasing their debut in 2017.  Big League have an upcoming show at The Post Office Hotel in Melbourne on October 18th.  I’d be there if I was in Melbourne, that’s for sure.  In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for any Brisbane dates and have See You Fly on repeat until Big League drops the album. 

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