Welcome back to Radio Friendly’s WEEK inREVIEW where I discuss a handful of tunes that I can’t stop listening to.  Some new, some old.  It’s been a couple weeks and there’s plenty to talk about.

Freddie Gibbs (pictured) is back with another solid gold hit.  His 2019 album with Madlib is still a regular rotation so I’ll need to ween myself off Bandana; this time Gibbs teams up with The Alchemist to deliver another thug-groove tune with 1985. A Springstein-esque guitar line repeats throughout the song as a live drum track holds a steady tempo.  Gibbs starts to spit bars and change his flow showing that he is still at the peak of his game.  Gibbs can do no wrong in my book, and I’m keen to hear anything the man releases.

Sydney singer-songwriter Adam Gibson released his compilation album today – review has been published on radio friendly dot com dot au.  It’s an excellent collection of Aussie tunes, and to quote myself, ‘a necessary listen’.  My favourite tune from the album is included below – New York ’54, a beautifully poetic look at the Australian identity for those who live abroad.  Check out my review, check out the album and support Gibson.

I’ve been going through a massive shoegaze and punk phase at the moment, specifically Washington DC punk, more specifically anything Ian MacKaye related.  Shoegaze has been fun, but Spotify’s lack of anything My Bloody Valentine related has really put a spanner in the works.  Punk has been much more versatile to listen to, and an apt soundtrack to whatever I see in the world as Covid continues to fuck our reality up.  One day I’ll listen to the blasting ferocity of Minor Threat, the next I’ll crave the more melodic yet politically potent tunes of Fugazi, maybe some emotional lyrics to tug at my heart strings – in that case I’ll turn to Rites of Spring (not a MacKaye band, but still related to Fugazi). Fugazi and Rites of Spring are included in the playlist below, but still listen to Minor Threat. 

Oh and the Sleaford Mods b-sides and rarities collection is also good.  Jobseeker is one of their best tunes and has been missing from a major release.  I’ve listened to it consistently.



Playlist of the Week

  1. 1985 – Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist
  3. Some Sunsick Day – Morgan Delt
  4. New York ’54 – Adam Gibson
  5. Easy – Real Estate
  6. Shiny Collarbone – The 1975
  7. Down the Line – Beach Fossils
  8. Jobseeker – Sleaford Mods
  9. Blueprint – Fugazi
  10. For Want of – Rites of Spring

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