A Review of Trevor and The Joneses’ New Single, Anywhile

Hailing from the City of Sin, Trevor and the Joneses are a four-piece outfit whose music is a celebration of psychedelia, transcending genre as they fuse elements of folk, garage rock and rock and roll into a melting pot of lengthy jams and grooving riffs.  Their latest single, Anywhile, is a teaser for their upcoming album, which is sure to add to the solid psych-rock foundation the band have laid on their previous two releases. 

In traditional modern psych fashion, Trevor and the Joneses build upon early grooves and layer further instrumentation to build their addictive sound.  Often the appeal of psych-rock is in its repetition, which The Joneses use to their advantage as the initial guitar riff repeats throughout, grounding the song, almost like a motif.  The initial thin guitar riff is almost medieval in its tone as if Trevor and the Joneses are jamming on the low strings of a lute. 

The band share similarities with their modern psych contemporaries, most notably The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, or any band that celebrates the riffs and sounds of the 60s.  Like Jonestown, The Joneses’ long jams are a space to lose yourself in, riffs repeat in an endless cycle, only to be broken up by glimmers of instrumental nuances.  The band do a good job building towards the pinnacle of Anywhile; though I do wish the overall tone of the track was a little thicker and punchier, the thin and tinny sound of the guitars would feel more alive with a little more effect.  In saying that, the face melting solo feels earnt as the lute-like sounds lightly layer upon each other in a bright and harmonious manner, ultimately torn apart as the distorted bends of the electric guitar enter. The blissful and repetitive atmosphere is momentarily halted as the soaring-string-bends pull me back to reality.

Trevor and the Joneses’ confidence in their song writing is apparent, drawing upon their influences but cementing their own style in the psych-rock genre with catchy hooks, groovy riffs and face-melting solos.  Anywhile is another example of Trevor and the Joneses’ versatility within the psych-rock genre.  I’m excited to hear what’s next for the band. 

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